Yesterday I went to Trevignano, a lovely village near Rome in front of the Bracciano’s lake.

There, lives my grandma with grandpa, and every Sunday me with the whole family we chill out together for a cool family reunion day.

We chat, we eat (gosh if we not eat :), and sometimes we walk all together forming a group of 10/15 people to the Trevignano’s lakeside, and yes, yesterday was one of those days.

Was a cool bright sunny day, and I couldn’t not take with me the Fuji X100S for capture some photos, and I did!

I enjoyed so much the walk, and I hope you do too watching the photos in this post or the ones that I will upload on Flickr, now I have to go, you know, I can’t miss the Apple #SpringForward event, see you hopefully soon with another blog post.

I wish you an amazing day, thanks for reading.