After fifteen days in Sardinia I’m finally back home, but not for too long

The journey that I just had with my family was incredible: I discovered great places where I never been up to, and of course, captured lots and lots of photos, that I currently don’t know where to start curating it for show you everything I experienced.

Before the travel started I wrote a blog post about saying to you that I wanted to create vlogs, well … Mission failed! :(

The major problem about it is that I speak Italian with my family, and vlog-ing would mean saying something that (at the moment) I could only understand, and that makes me feel uncomfortable and more shy than I am.

For that reason I decided to share you stories on this blog from my recent travel instead of videos, and guess what? I made a little promo video about it, stories on this blog are coming very soon

For who’s wondering: I didn’t give up, at least not yet …

I’ll try to create occasional vlogs in the future, ‘cause this is what (I think) that I love to do, other than just taking pictures.

So I’m back now, but the travels are not over for this month, very soon I’ll take six flights for visiting the Expo in Milan and Edinburgh in Scotland, which I’m very looking forward to!

Stick with me, the journey of this blog is just getting started …