On the first half of August, while I was in Sardinia, I woke up early pretty frequently with a goal printed in my mind: the one to capture sunrises.

I am usually an early bird, but not that early :) When I’m in my hometown I wake up at seven in the morning most of the times, sadly missing the very first sun rays every single day, until this trip happened.

I have to be honest, maybe for this travel I had too many ambitions:

  • I wanted to capture the night sky with the milky way, but I was too scared of the dark nearby the residence;
  • I wanted to do vlogs, but I was too shy and not much brave to do it.

But I’m happy, because I achieved one thing at least: I successfully captured the sunrise multiple times.

I loved it!

Some people might prefer sunsets to sunrises (aka my sister 😂), or vice versa, but I don’t.

I love to be amazed by both, some days might be better than others, but still an amazing thing that happens every single day for everyone in the world … For free.

I hope to bring you the same feelings that I had with what captured, and also with this time-lapse:

(future 2021 Lorenzo here, the file is missing, sorry about that)