I tend to be an optimistic person and try to think positive every time, even in the toughest situations, remembering to myself that every problem is resolvable with no need to freak out.

And remembering that, helped me lots of times with my anxiety that right now I rarely experience it again.

With that being said, I didn’t want to synthesize how I get out of my anxiety problems, but I wanted to mark that I love to be surrounded by happy and joyful things.

As you might already know, my main passion is photography, and a thing that I love to capture is people in the street, but even more: kids with bubbles!

I know, is weird, and could be a little bit creepy as well, but watching a children with a soap bubble makes me so carefree of all of the problems that I could have on a daily basis, and just lets me enjoying life the way it is, really makes my day.

Watching all of those smiles, hearing all of those laughs, just for chasing and destroying a pretty simple thing … I think that is one of the strongest signs of being happy.

So, there’s this square in the middle of Rome’s city centre called “piazza del Popolo”, where is usually encircled by street artists … Who sings, dances, and even stands still as a sphinx! Plus, since not so long ago, I noticed this add on as the bubble man, or sometimes bubble woman, that spreads joy through his/her soap.

Guess another good reason to walk down there for me now.

You can browse all of my “Kids and Bubbles” photos that I captured along the trips that I did so far, on this album that I uploaded to Flickr.