I’m finally back home from my last university test of the summer session, so I can finally relax and write this post :)

This past Sunday as usual, I went in Trevignano to hangout with my granpas and the rest of my family, is a beautiful little city near Rome located at one side of the Bracciano’s lake, and this Sunday was particulary goergeous …

First thing we did was having lunch at my grandpas, and as always we eaten a lot! Impossible to escape from my grandma’s food, if you do she’ll follow you until the food will be in your stomach, is kinda a superpower that she has: making everyone fat (LOL). Anyways, after lunch all the people chilled in the living room, instead, I managed to create a quiet space alone in the house’s garden (as an introvert I usually do so) for finally reading at least a chapter of my new favorite book by Connor Franta: “A Work in Progress”; I enjoyed that a lot.

Later in the evening, we headed over the lakeside, and I must say, at this time of the year is amazing! I captured lots of photos of the lake with all the cool boats with colorful sails, also along the sidewalk there were lots of vendors for the market happening on Sundays called: “Dreams’ fair”.

Is so nice sometimes to have these chilled moments with the family, this Sunday was the first real start of my summer, looked like I was in a very good journey, too bad leasted just a bunch of hours.

But for August I got big plans, I’ll visit Sardinia again, Edinburgh which I’m pretty excited about, and maybe the EXPO happening in Milan too, and I’m thinking about becoming a daily vlogger for a month, reason why not a long time ago I bought the Canon G7X. Stick with me, this summer is gonna be awesome, I promise.

Hope you enjoyed this little story, thanks a lot for reading and leave a comment if you want, if you’re interested on seeing more pics keep an eye out on Flickr, as I might upload more photos from that day very soon, but for now goodbye!