On Sunday May 17th my sister and I did the first Roma photo marathon, was a pretty great experience.

Is basically a contest to win photographic material, travels and more. We spent 9 hours (or actually more), trying to capture as much great photos as possible for 9 different themes that were addressed to the partecipants. That day, my camera of choice was the Nikon D5200 with the basic Nikkor 18-105mm lens, I captured a lot of photos, 236 24mpx RAW files for being specific, and I spent the whole Monday to select and send just 9 of these.

You can the captures that I sent down below, and shoutout to my sister’s ones as well (link).

1st theme: The etern beauty

2nd theme: City life

3rd theme: The other velocity

3rd theme: The other velocity

5th theme: Common spaces

6th theme: Green

7th theme: This is me

8th theme: Love is A RIGHT

9th theme: Far from home