Let’s be honest, Ellen started it with the breaking of twitter, and even if the trend is continuing through this year, 2014 is well knowed as the year of selfie, and excactly one year ago I downloaded to my iPhone an app called Close-up.

Initially I downloaded it for personal use for answer this simple question that came up in my mind: “How I’ll look like in one year from today?”, and I wanted to answer it with the best way for me possible, so I thought, let’s capture a selfie a day! And so I did, but excactly ten days after I decided to share with you the idea through twitter with the promise to y’all that I would have posted the result in twelve months, so … here it is!

Everything is happening in matter of seconds … with 365 frames at the speed of 13fps, an whole year has been compressed in actually 28 seconds


What can the technology do nowadays, eh? Hope you’ll enjoy it.