Yesterday I had another beautiful day outside with the Fuji X100S and the company of my lovely family.

In the evening we went to a sea place near Rome in a little city called Fregene, and we had such a great time! I didn’t used to like the sea a couple of years ago, but just because my family thoughts me the definition of fun wrong.

For my mom and sister having fun at the beach means resting over a towel under the warm and dangerous sun rays; for dad instead is swimming, resting under the sun and fishing, well … I hated it!

Conversely, what I love to do, as you might thought, is taking photos :) And I think the best time to do that is at the golden hours of the day: right before the sun rises and after it sets. So, yesterday we waited the sunset at the prettiest lounge place in Fregene: the Singita miracle beach. We hanged out, drunk our awesome drinks and captured photos over photos.

I can finally say that summer started for me too :D From now on I can: relax, travel, and finish to read the book from my favorite youtuber Connor Franta. I have great plans for August as I wrote in the previous post, and if you’re interested, I’ll do my best for vlog the journeys awaiting me. Enjoy summer, see you in the next post ;)