This summer I also travelled to Milan for discover the EXPO for a couple of days with part of my family (special thanks to Botman, that made this trip possible), and I’d like to tell you a little story behind my two favorite photos that I captured during this amazing journey.

We went to Milan for five days, and these two were some of the first photos that I did, just the day before we visited the EXPO.

This day we had been to the Duomo and Galleria of course, but we couldn’t miss the Sforza’s Castle as well, definitely one of the best places of Milan!

I loved it not just for the castle and the venue itself, but because I also saw lots of cool subjects to photograph, and if you follow me around, you know how much I love photographing people on the street.

Even though is not always easy for me to do it, I’m a very shy guy, and you’ll never know if the person that you photograph is okay having his face on our SD cards, as far as you ask them of course but rarely, if not never, happens.

And what’s the joy of ask them before? You’ll broke the essential part of street photography: capturing the moment, not before, not after; just the right moment!

But anyway, let’s get into the main topic of this post, here I was at the Sforza’s castle, and outside there’s this beautiful big fountain where I immediately saw these kids playing around with the water drops, they seemed very happy about it, without caring to be soaked the second just right after.

I quickly captured four shots with them, which for now I selected the two best ones for you, and I was very lucky.

Since everything happened pretty quickly, at that moment I didn’t care about exposure, ISO and aperture settings, the only thing that I cared about was to get the shot done: underexposed, overexposed, I didn’t care, I just wanted to have the shot.

As you can see, the original is a bit underexposed, that I managed to adjust it later with Adobe’s powerful photo software that is Lightroom.

I was in the right place, at the right moment, with the right equipment; and that made me think again of how wonderful and true this quote is:

“The best camera is the one you have with you”

What if I hadn’t the X100S with me? I would’ve capture the moment anyway with my crappy iPhone 5 camera (don’t get me wrong, Apple’s cameras are amazing, the reason why mine is bad is because has some dust and scratches inside the sapphire lens), and maybe the result would’ve been equally good if not better than the one captured.

Sometimes, once we have the vision of the perfect shot, we just need to capture it, without thinking and caring so much about the equipment that we have in the hand.

Well, hope you enjoyed this unusual and weird blog post, if you have something to add, the comment section is right down below, see you soon.