I’ve been waiting this time for quite a while now, and it starts tomorrow … Actually I’m a little bit nervous of what I planned to do!

August will be a pretty amazing month for me this year ‘cause I’ll take a trip in three different locations, and there’s nothing more exciting than traveling and taking photos at the same time.

This month will be like a rhapsody for me:

I’ll start with something that I’m already familiar of, taking a journey around the northern part of Sardinia for a couple of weeks with my family, for than jump on a plane directed to Milan for the EXPO and ending with what I think will be the best travel of the month: Edinburgh for a week.

But other than that, I have in mind to do something different than my previous journeys, I wanted to keep you on track of what I’ll do every single day, for a month.

Actually I’m not that sure if this thing will last even a day since I’m a pretty shy guy, and I’m pretty scared about it, but I thought doing vlogs for a looong time!

In fact, if you’re following me for a while, you probably already know that back in June I bought a new camera: the Canon G7X, known as the best vlogging camera … Well, not anymore, now there’s the Sony X100 mark II.

But anyway, expect (maybe) some videos starting to appear on my YouTube channel for mid August, and with that, I hope you all have an amazing end of the summer ahead.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to comment if you’ve something to add to this story!