Another great day that I had in Sardinia was the one that I spent inside an old silver mine, was such a great experience.

Of the mine itself it wasn’t left much, I found just a bunch of old buildings that looked like the starting point of the caves of the mine, but inside of those, there were just some artistic installations instead of holes in the ground, such as: flying rocks or plastic cutlery on a building’s wall.

This place was just right on the beach, and because I travelled with my family they of course decided to rest under an umbrella of a soft drinks vendor, but I didn’t for too long, I wanted to explore this location better.

So I took my camera with the backpack and headed hiking on the mountain right over the mine’s buildings.

I didn’t know that were a secondary comfy street on the back of the mountain, and so I took the toughest way climbing rocks and plants on dirt, it wasn’t pleasant as the way back, but I enjoyed it for taking some unique shots of the gorgeous landscapes.

In the middle of this mountain I met a construction place for a plaza on the amazing landscape of the sea that I captured (luckly weren’t builders when I went).

After that (if you’re following me on snapchat you’re probably already know that), I decided that this wasn’t enough for the day, so I continued hiking the mountain trying to make it to the top.

Nearby the top I heard a pretty scary noise, wasn’t sure if it was a pigskin or just a lizard (please don’t laugh), but was scary enough to me to decide to head back where my family were, not before I took other photos of course 😊

When I was on the future plaza again, I saw a pretty cool installation that for a moment I thought: “am I playing Minecraft?” 😃

You can admire it right down below, as I of course, took a photo of it.

That was pretty much the experience that I had for that day, was so incredible: I discovered an abandoned place which I’m always glad to, and seen amazing landscapes of mountains and sea, what could I wished for more?

Thanks again for the read, and hope to see you back on another post soon …