In the past week I travelled around the city of Barcelona, Spain, with my lovely sister francesca2910, I did a lot of photos that I still have to upload around (you know .. Flickr). I also tried to use for the first time the new app called: ‘Storie’ for share my travel experiences in almost real-time (if you know the app you can follow me @lorenzoviolone and re-watch the videos if you wish).

Here’s what I did:

Day 1

This is the day where I flew from FCO (Rome) to BCN (Barcelona) through an airplane. The two hours flight was pretty good: I enjoyed the view, listened to music and played around with some photos on the VSCOcam app.

We arrived by evening at 4PM, and we hurried up to the hotel for checking in our room for then jumped to the first part of the city that we wished to visit by sunset. As usual, we spent some time figuring out the tickets at the train station, and so … we missed the sunset.

Even if we missed it, we had a nice walk in a port zone called “Port Vel” and the famous “Rambla”. Port Vel is amazing, if you ever get a chance to visit Barcelona you cannot miss this place, is very suggestive by night with all the lights of the bridge that took us to the Maremagnum shopping center (an amazing little mall surrounded by the sea).

For end the day, we stopped by a market through the Rambla street where we bought some food to eat at our hotel.

Day 2

We had a bright start of the day back to Port Vel for breakfast at Starbucks with an amazing view of the port (yes, I’m a big fan of Starbucks), we ordered a couple of american coffee with two choco chip cookies, I couldn’t wished more!

Then we headed to the Barceloneta beach by walk … this place is stellar! Very peaceful and beautiful, with a lot of surfers/skaters/bikers and peoples that just wanted to enjoy their morning in the best way. Again, you cannot miss Barceloneta beach too, is extremely gorgeous! We also took some time here for capturing everything with our cameras.

After that, we jumped to the most important landmark of the entire Spain also known as the greatest unfinished work of Antonio Gaudi, yes, I’m talking about the Sagrada Familia.

Is useless to say that was the most amazing basilica that I ever seen in my entire life (St. Peter in Vatican city, included), this building is breathtaking … When I first entered I had goosebumps all over my body, I was surprised of how beautiful it was this stunning church.

The thing that I liked most of it was the simplicity of the interior colors mixed with the foolish great architecture, you know, when you enter to St. Peter you first noticed that there’s a lot of gold, but there you don’t, looking around you’d see a lot of white and a lot of stunning colors created by the sun rays through the amazing windows.

Then we went back to the end of Barceloneta beach for lunch (we fell in love with this place), and we saw a group of people playing Quidditch (we guessed) on the sand. We eaten some tapas (little wonderful dishes of food) right next to the beach.

After lunch we headed over Parc Guell for capture the sunset, this time we made it :) Was an amazing park with a stunning skyline view of the city, with also a lot of Gaudi’s works.

Right after sunset, we wanted to see the famous magic fountain of Barcelona, so, we took the subway and we came to Placa Espanya but unfortunately the fountain was closed, so, we opted for a mall called Las Arenas for dinner.

Here we eaten a couple of sandwiches with the traditional chocolate and churros, basically an hot chocolate with some bread fried sticks, a delicious!

Then, we headed back to the hotel for sleep, we had a wonderful day!

Day 3

Sadly was the last day, and for cheering us up we went to Starbucks again for breakfast (unfortunately where we live Starbucks doesn’t exist yet, so we take advantage of it on every travel we do). I took again another great american coffee, but this time with some pancakes.

Then we jumped to the Apple Store Passeig de Gràcia (amazing one), and walked in direction to Casa Batllo and Casa mila.

Arrived at destination, we discovered that both of the Casa were a lot expensive, more than the ticket for the Sagrada Familia, so, we just photographed these outside.

Then, we went to a famous shop in Spain like Harrods in UK or La Rinascente in IT, called: “La Corte Ingles”. We had fun discovering every floor of it :)

After that, we walked again around the Rambla zone in direction to the Maremagnum shopping center, where we had a wonderful paella for lunch and we also did some shopping.

Then we headed back to the hotel for collecting our suitcases and going to the airport back to Rome.

In these three days we had a wonderful time in this beautiful modern city of Spain that I easily recommend to everyone exploring.