If you’re following me for a while now you’d probably have noticed that my avatar hasn’t changed much, and there’re a couple of reasons why.

An avatar is something deeply personal that should represent the person behind it, I think that it’s the signature of the digital age. And it’s pretty rare that our signature changes, that’s why I redesign it only when it comes indispensable.

When I browse my friends’ photo-streams on Flickr, Instagram, EyeEm, or just scrolling through the tweets I can find on my Twitter timeline, the avatar has a really big impact to me. I have a huge problem remembering names, most (if not every) of the things I keep in my memory are attached to a photo, an image, an illustration of what I need to remember (yes Sheldon, is called eidetic memory), and on the web as I was saying, having an illustration of an account helps me a lot remembering who’s people photo or tweet I am watching. That’s the reason why I don’t keep it up to date very often, trust me, if I could loose this fear of not get recognized anymore by my followers I would change the avatar every month, I love keeping things fresh.

So this time I thought was the moment to upgrade it, wherefore, this morning I had a photoshoot with myself, and I decided to give you a little montage of what happened:

Hope you’ll enjoy my new avatar, and thanks for reading!