Hi there again in a new blog post, today I’d like to talk about something different, and that is about a recent decision I took, that I’ve been wondering doing it for a very long time.

As you could have guessed by the title, I decided to stop eating ground meat, and that classifies me under a therm that I just learned the existence of, yes I am a pescetarian. According to Wikipedia:

“Pescatarianism is the practice of following a diet that includes fish or other seafood, but not the flesh of other animals”

I know what you’re thinking … Why did I do that? Well, there’re a few reasons why … Many people around me guessed that I did it because of the recent outcome from the World Health Organization that eating too much meat could be dangerous for our health, but I ain’t done it because of that, I usually eat everything no matter what the impact on my body is as far as makes me feel happy

The main reason that pushed me forward in that direction is because I care so much about environment and our beautiful planet, so I’d like to do as much as I could to leave the world better that I found it. To produce just one pound of meat are required over 8 pounds of feed and 8K liters of water, for not talking about the carbon footprint that ground farms have on our planet, making climate change even worse. With the population increasing worldwide, meat is not a solution either for our near future, so why don’t stop eating it now? Plus, tomorrow I’ll be traveling back to the Sibillini’s Mountains national park in Umbria with my lovely family as is almost Easter, and what a better time to undertake that path if not in Easter? Unfortunately there’s a christian tradition here, where lambs and more meat has to be eaten to remember the resurrection of Christ, but how could you eat a lamb, there’re adorable baby animals!

Anyways, in this little family trip I’m planning to take more beautiful photos from the hikes that we will hopefully do, that I’ll try upload around the web in a few weeks time. I’m not sure about vlogging though, talking to a camera in english around my family makes me very nervous, I’ll try my best ;-)

Have a great Easter everybody, hope to see you back in the next one!