It’s been already a week since my journey back home from London, I had so much fun, and so many memories to share with you all (or like Tyler would say: y’all). This time I travelled with my mom, and we were entirely focused on meeting my sister after nearly a month, that she’s now living in London. We visited some places with her, eaten some pizzas which she always appreciate that, and helped her moving to a new flat.

In this trip I got really addicted capturing photos with the iPhone, and the main reason behind it was: “Live Photos”. There’s no turning back mr. Apple, you did it again! Seriously, the only photos that I captured without this feature were burst photos and panoramas, because I love so much having a wider memory of what I capture, since I am not a vlogger (yet).

If you are an Instagram/EyeEm follower of mine and reading this blog post, well, hold on, this is really cool! Earlier this month I started posting photos captured in London with the iPhone on Instagram and EyeEm, and here you got to see the moment just before and after the shot through a video! Yes, I made another montage from the videos of the Live Photos captured, and posted on YouTube, enjoy: