New month, fresh start with new things coming.

It’s been sometime now that I was looking for this month of this fantastic new year, and now the wait is finally over! Starting the first day, I’ll be gone traveling to the beautiful nature and culture of Oceania with south-east Asia for (nearly) a couple of months.

Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

… A dream come true.

I honestly cannot wait to get this started, I’m so pumped and excited.

Keen to come back with memories, memories that I could share with all of you, through this extraordinary tool called the Internet.

Photos, videos …

Hold tight, is gonna be an adventure.

But in this period of time I’m not going to say goodbye. In fact, starting today you’re going to see scheduled posts that I previously captured and selected just for you.

3 photos




I’ll be back in May with incredible things to share.

Have a good one!

Love, Lorenzo.