Toogoom (QLD), Australia.

This beach is full of surprises, little surprises that make the stay unforgettable. Most of the time you wouldn’t see or encount anyone, but if you come at the right time, when the tide is not so low yet not so high, you might be able to experience something of incredible.

In a warm sunny afternoon here’s the sea lowing his tide levels, and suddenly decins of hundreds of millions of tiny little sand balls appears from nothing, but if you look closely, here are the artists of all that: crabs, little blue crabs.

An uncountable number of sea creatures appear from the bottom of the sand to live their life. For us the light keeps us awake, to them is the chainging of tide. Growing up the ground are dancing throughout the oceanside together working on painting the beach with tiny little sand balls while eating anything delicious they encount.

It might be just random, but these paintings are absolute masterpieces … There are: fireworks, flowers, eyes … You could have endless interpretations to it.

Are these little details of the world that got me fall in love with this planet.

So fragile, yet so wonderful!

Earth is rich of these tiny but also gigantic ecosistems, and we have to do anything we could to preserve it from the imminent destruction.