I can’t stop telling you that this is an absolute paradise.

I’m writing you from the past, in my grandparent’s balcony with a thrilling view over the Chia bay, (in my honest and judgmental opinion) the best sea place of Italy, located about 30 miles west the Sardinian capital Cagliari. From there I could spot Chia’s tower, the beach, ripples of waves of what is the mediterranean sea; beyond there is Africa, but if I step back a bit with the eyes (not that I could see Africa by naked-eyes, only by my twisted imagination), I could also see a giant pond, an enclosed large amount of salty water full of flamingoes.

Not a dream, not a vision, this is the place I dreamt to be, and now I am.

I’ve been traveling there for almost every year since my birth, but I never got to experience that beauty at this time of year up until now. May, may I call you magical, ‘cause you are … You are an absolute beast for these seascapes. I usually get here in July/August with my family, and this pond is generally very small due to the warmer season that causes evaporation of the water (but I don’t wanna fall into scientific details, even because I don’t know any, okay … maybe for another time nerd Lorenzo), but May, oh May you kept my heart away. May I call you lake at this point (alright, enough playing around with the word May - mayday to myself … Okay, fine … I promise … With that I’m over it), a “lake” with lovely fauna, that the more I look at it, the more I love it.

Every second,

every minute,

every hour,

I’m enjoying it more and more.

I could stare and frame moments of it the whole day, but the best timing (also under the photographer aspect) is early in the morning or late in the afternoon … Is at this bit of the day that Flamingoes come and go … Walking up and down with their funny tallish legs, in search of food, swimming and walking at the bottom of the pond, having a nice time with great company of their siblings, friends and/or partners. Then the magic happens, suddenly one unfolds his wings and takes off to the sea’s horizon, cruising for a better place to stay at night, and two are instantly following the first, and then three, four … I promptly lost count of them … They’re everywhere in the sky, while we (humans) rest and play on the sands of this wonderful Avalon. The blue yonder is all at once enriched with pure colors of white, pink and black, stamping a smile on us while it’s stealing a small piece of our heart that will be lost forever, forever there, ready to be found again.

Flamingoes - a poem




Suddenly flying over

away from that pond

in search of oasis

an homecoming blessing.