Packing the bags, getting ready for a new adventure.

We’re chasing north this morning; where no one could find us, where beautiful landscapes are meant to find us.

Let our Tuscany road trip begin…

The first day was fullfill with driving … L O T S of D R I V I N G .

Same with the other days though … Of course … It’s a ROADtrip

Made our first stop to a gas station, we were already on our way to Tuscany



Here’s our first wonder: the S E A.

Living in a big city with only a narrow river, always makes us exited about the immensity of water on the horizon, that could clear our minds.

Finally crossed the border of our native region. We made it, we finally made it to Tuscany … Here’s the first landscapes filled with countryside all over it …

It’s B E A U T I F U L !

Next stop: ARGENTARIO, a stunning headland with two little villages. In the first one we found great sceneries to capture as many photos as possible, walking around we found a pizzeria as the only place open, ten minutes to the closing time we bought the last four slices, PERFECT!

Back to the car we experienced the beauty itself:

B R E A T H T A K I N G seascapes around the headland with the sunset coming up …

.. W O W !

As the sun went down, we found shelter for the night in a perfect cozy welcoming B&B, felt like being home.

Second day started with us exploring the centre of the other village where we spent the night on, almost nothing to see there, but little old alleys gudied us to take more interesting photos. Driving again, we’re headed back to the penisula, direction still north, in an another village on the sea.

Watched and enjoyed another great show with our sun setting on the horizon, and the cold wind freezing our faces,

W O R T H    I T .

The morning of the third day we walked on the seaside and explored the incredible forth village built on a hill. Then was sunset time again, so, we headed to a port up north to see it from a different perspective, and this time was superior! Standing on the cliffside of the port, waiting for the sun to go down.

The fourth and last day came … Here and now, we decided to drive far from the sea, to see another village built on a hill, like the one we’ve seen, but way bigger!

At first …

The B E A U T Y .

An artist dreamland.

Views, alleys, freezing fountains, food … Everything felt like daydreaming … Incredible village.

Here’s to a great start of the year …

here’s to more adventures …

here’s to …