5 in the morning, alarm rings, everyone wakes up, everyone’s ready for one last adventure before going elsewhere, is our last call to say goodbye. I am an early bird, so I always love waking up possibly before the sun rises, therefor I had my usual: put some clothes on, had a quick round at the bathroom, great breakfast and finally ready to go.

It’s now 5.30 and we’re ready to leave, ready for our early expedition seeking the downtime and sunrise at the top of Chia’s tower. So we go, jump in our car and drive off for a ten minutes ride.

Reached the beach it’s already something of marvelous: we caught the down colors just at the right time, just at the perfect instant, were the saturation was at its best. Captured, framed, and imprinted that memory on our SDs, iPhones and neurons.

A cold breeze is coming through the softly blowing wind, so it reaches our naked feet on the dark frozen morning sand, at this point I have to try it … Suddenly wetting mine in the now warmer salty water of the sea. It’s a good feeling, a felling of freedom, a felling of melting with mother nature, a must call for our anything-could-happen adventure. Now, time to hike the hill. So we did, we’re now in front of the tower, that magnificent tower that Sardinians once used to control and send instant messages thorough the whole island, a remarkable piece of history. But history is nothing against the sun’s light coming up the cloudy horizon.

So we waited, and waited, captured more photos, and again, waited. There it is, beyond the final cloud, our lovely nearby warm star is ultimately showing up for the joy of our lenses to see.

It’s been wonderful … What a great end to start the day, a day that has yet to be lived.

Morning Change - a poem

Dark spots of light

rowdy solitude silence

everywhere alone

everywhere empty

anywhere to go

anywhere to be found


a rhapsody of colors is fading

is now blue yonder

by the great rays

of our God’s eye.