Weird year it’s been, well it’s not over yet, is it? So far this is coming to be the strangest and most challenging one of my entire existence.

In earliest instances I would go to school in the winter, then have a little break in the summer, for restarting again my awkward, social-less, at times exciting school life.

But what have happened … I’ve used to be in a bubble since I were born, and suddenly it all disappears? Why am I here … Where this will lead me to?

Change is part of life, and I acknowledged that, but I never actually had the chance to be part of something as big as this, up until now.

It’s terrifying, frightening more than the scariest movie of all.

It has ups and downs: ups when I forget about it, and downs when I re-sort all of these thoughts in mind by thinking in the most down-to-earth way. But what is real? Are we really who we think we are, do we see what we really see, do we think what we really want to think?

Are we in the Matrix? Is this all of a sort of experiment created by a kid on a school project in another unknown dimension? Is that what really is … space? Galaxies? Black holes?



An hymn to life


Duties here they come


A flying crow over our souls

See what I do when I think too much on a recurring question? Ahhh … The perks of being in my brain … Okay … I guess I should just move on, and re-jump into whatever the first topic of this post was all about.

..Oh yes, change.

Change … At the same time exciting, intriguing, with new potentials and lights to be followed.

This year has started in the most different way. I travelled, and that felt great, you know how much I love to pursuit new adventures around the world with a camera around my neck, ready to capture whatever attire my eyes’ attention. So I’ve been to Asia, where I’ve got to experience a totally different culture, food and people. Then Australia, land of the nature, where you are surrounded by cute and at times dangerous animals, a place to be lived. So Sardinia, breathtaking island in the middle of Mediterranean sea, land of traditions, beaches and flamingoes.

Suddenly here I am. In my favorite city of my favorite country, who would have thought?

London, to be clear, the one based in England.

Oh men I love this place, I always dreamt to be living a portion of my life up there, and luckily is no longer a dream. Certainly the weather sucks, not gonna lie, but there is something there, something that makes this place special, so special to be called home. So I’m here, seeking for a new (hopefully) exciting carrier in my new independent life bubble, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it.