I should have probably have written this sooner, but with life and work, here I am doing it now. More than a month has already passed from the incredible travel I had in the Philippines, and I can’t stop telling you how much I would love to go back, especially with this crazy, freezing, rainy, depressing London weather. It’s been twenty eight memorable days of incredible experiences, not just like been traveling, but being completely immersed into the Filipino culture.

But I think I need to flashback you on this story for a second, or a paragraph 😉.

Two years ago, like currently, I was really into the Instagram game, and sometimes I casually spammed likes across strategically chosen hashtags in order to gain some likes and followers back. As I was using Filmborn as one of my main editing apps on my iPhone, I’ve been looking through this tag as well to see what creators using the same editing software were sharing; and one of this photos that I hearted changed my life in a way I would never have imagined. By liking this picture I met the best person I will ever know, and eventually, fell in love with him. And to think that it all started by a like of a random tag on a random photo sharing platform, it’s something quite incredible, or as someone would say: destiny. So we started exchanging messages, and video calls for then not being able to think a life without us, so we fell in love. But it was all on the internet, in this gigantic imaginary cloud that connects us to this huge home we’re living called Earth, in such wise it was only logical to take a step forward. Therefor we planned our first meet in person with a travel around Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand; but for some diabolical black forces beyond our control, our plan we had been dying to do miserably failed, but we didn’t give up, in fact our love grew stronger than ever. After two years we’ve been able to remake our plan, and this time we made it! We finally met! Traveling together in one of the best countries I’ve been lucky enough to visit: the Philippines.

I don’t even know where to start to share the many beautiful memorable moments we had. I’ve been meeting the love of my life, his family, his gorgeous Avalon, I’m so grateful and blessed for all it. What I only wish now is for time to go faster, faster than ever until the day we are meeting again.