This new life of mine, but not new me. I’m still the ol’ good Lorenzo you know … And Lorenzo back in his home was so attached to his family and loved ones.

I was dreaming, dreaming of where I am living right now, but I’m still not happy. I’m missing something, someone…


that’s it!

Love is all I’m missing here, and although I’m surrounded by it when I’m with my workmates and friends (if I do, jokes on me), I still feel that hole in my heart.

“There’s this thing called the internet though” someone would say it. “And this thing where you can send messages live, wherever and whenever you feel like it to your closest ones” someone else’s would interject. “So you wouldn’t feel lonely” others would follow. “Yes yes I agree, but. But is not the same.” I would counter.

Growing up and getting out of the shell is hard. No more stability, that feeling of being safe at all times, and although I know I could always count on that, I don’t want to go back anymore. I would, I would love it so bad, but I don’t want to.

Why? What is happening inside that mad mind of mine?

I’m a grownup, my mind’s a grownup, and wants to count just on itself, with few exceptions of course, like the one of a second half, that is of course on the other side of this world. Ha! Hilarious, right?

Long distance.

Sometimes I’d like to leave everything on my shoulders, catch that long flight even for a minute, a minute face to face, heart to heart, that the internet is not capable of allude us. Maybe the Oasis would, but that is just a Spielberg film inspired by the amazing book by Ernest Cline, that I encourage y’all to read.

Sometimes it hurts a little, sometimes it’s all good, and other times there’s so much pain that I’m not even able to set out words, neither lines on paper.

And that brings me back on Time. Time is all we need. Sometimes we wish would go faster, occasionally slower, but that bastard has the same seconds in every minute, same days in every year, no matter what.