Today I want to talk you about what I’ve been doing in the past week.

I felt tired, fatty fat fat, and lazy so, I figured I had to change something in my life, before it would have been too late. I love exercising and having an healthy kind of lifestyle, but since I moved in here some weird trigger switched up in my vast crazy mind that made me lazier and unhealthy than ever.

I become vegan, that much is true. And I can assure you that you could find as many junk foods as you want, even on a vegan diet.

Grocery stores are set-up paradises,

with isles fulfill of eatable devils,

accompanied by spells that wishes you to take ‘em home and eat ‘em as much and quickly as possible.

So yeah, I wanted to have a break by this naughty habit I’ve been created, and so it began.

First I set up a goal of running every single day no matter what.

Am I tired? It doesn’t matter. Is it rainy? It doesn’t matter. Is it freezing? Guess what? It doesn’t have to matter.

No excuses to what I wanted to achieve.

First week has passed and I feel better than ever, I’m not tired anymore, I don’t crave sugary food as I used to, and I’ve got so much energies to burn in a day.

Call me crazy, but I feel like this could be a new path towards an habit I’ve been musing for too long.