Oh weekends, my lovely little weekends: sometimes boring and infinite, other times exciting and amazing; this was one of these. I’m so glad I did what I did.

At the end of my usual working weekdays I instinctively looked at the forecast: beautiful for Saturday, one sunny Saturday, I couldn’t resist but get away from London, from my routine, and hop on a one-day-adventure.

First had to be by the sea, you know how much I miss it. But Brighton with Clacton-on-sea are off the list, I wanted to taste something new. So, what was left, doable for a single day … Oh yeah, there’s this place close to France on the English channel famous for his amazing landscapes of high white cliffs. So, Dover it was, and I would come back in an heartbeat.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m not a fan of the town: an overdeveloped industrial portal busy city sounds everything but lovely. But then, oh then! Away from the chaos, just with a little hike over the hills, these wonderful majestic landscapes started to show up, and oh my lord it was indeed incredible. Is nothing you could experience with a picture or a video, I wasn’t aware of the beauty of these cheesecakes (or how I like to call ‘em) that hits you with fascination mixed by a spark of freedom and a hint of terror, I wouldn’t like to fall down one of these cliffs, I’d still like to live a little bit more please.

Contemplating the blue horizon,

fearing these white ridges,

while walking on a green carpet.

Like an ol’ good cheesecake,

sweet ’n sour goodness.

So yeah, this is how I spent a portion of one of my weekends, and are still yet more to come before October, the month I am looking for ages to happen.