What a lovely freezing week we just had here in London, it sure has been memorable.

Just by the moment we thought to see Spring, Emma delighted us with minus temperatures, icy breezes and fluffy rain flakes that covered our lovely scapes with a bright white fabric, for everyone of us to see and enjoy. E. made me had a glimpse to the past, when I used to travel with my family in this exact period of the year, for what were our usual white holidays, skiing and snowing in these fun long white carpets, naturally rolled downhill.

Haven’t seen that much snow ever since.

It’s been gorgeous.

Other than working full time, and riding my bike back and forth in the thick snow this whole weekday, where everyone made fun and warned me about how dangerous could it be 😆, as soon as the weekend approached, I had the opportunity to have my first run in these peculiar meteorological conditions … It was astonishing, I can’t even describe how happy I was, been surely iced head to toes, but I would do that again a hundred more times if I could.

I’ve been crazy, loony enough to go out with shorts … And just racing like a good old Forest would have done, a never stopping bolt. Another nice memory I have about this snowfall, is walking around the Abney cemetery, it was so incredible discovering it under a much brighter and quieter perspective, felt kind of like strolling into a mystical movie set.

Oh yeah, how I could I forget that, just yesterday I hopped on a train to Richmond, in hoping to see more snow than it were in East London, but I was wrong, everywhere it was already melting … Too far, too late. But the remarkable landscapes of this place are always entertainingly restful, so I walked and chilled through the now muddy paths of what I like to think as the Avalon of London.

But that’s enough Emma, really, thanks, we all had a good time, but please let us enjoy what it should be next, while mr. Spring awaits us all, I am already setting my eyes into Summer.