Another month is passing by like nothing happened, faster than a blink of an eye, but a lot had happened. It’s odd, isn’t it? Having our minds always running into the present simple makes us forget all we had done so far this year, and it’s damn scary … Damn scary 2019 is just another wink away.

These days are getting on so fast too quickly, and in a way I’m happy. So many different things changed since I’m living here in the UK, the country I had dreamt to be and now I am.

I found a job, my first (ok actually second, or third) ever job, and so far I’m loving it, for all the awesome work mates around me. I’m living alone which is not a bad thing, but it kills me that is half a planet away from my other half, my family and friends. This day, thirty first of August has so many different connotations, it used to be sad with the school period restarting, is also a period of change, and the end of my favorite month: Summer.

But don’t you worry Summer, I’m coming, chasing back on you, in fact soon enough I’ll be on a plane flying towards Dubai and then the Philippines where I’ll be spending an entire month, and I can’t help myself but having my head over heels. I’m looking forward to this to happen for way too long, it’s been years! And I cannot wait for telling you all about it.