I recently got back in London from another memorable adventure in East Asia with my Love, and to be honest I haven’t been posting much of it ever since, so I will try to fix this starting today.

Is so true, when you’re having the time of your life you forget about all of this social media stuff that makes you want to post more and more when you’re all alone in a city miles away from your significant others. Posting to feel good, while empty inside. Trying the best to share the good with the positive, and leave the bad aside, to make your “friends” kind of jealous, to make others engage with your wonderful memories, so to feel a little bit less left behind from this crazy lonely society we all built. Is crazy, but is also true, at least for my lonely depressing life that is in that black hole of a city I attracted myself in.

So I was happy .. Wait .. What am I saying? .. I .. I was having the time of my life, exponentially exploding of happiness by all of the positive loving vibes I was surrounded by with each day that passed it, and it was never meant to come to an end, but let’s keep up by saying to a pause. Cause the period I’m in now it’ll pass, it has to. I live to work, I wake up to work, I want to ban weekends to work 5/5 days, even if what I do is a job that doesn’t satisfy me, a job that makes me worthless, a job that I wish nobody would ever do in my position with all of my dreams. I want all of this so time will go quicker, quicker than ever to reach few months in the future from now, when I will finally spend the rest of my life with the man I am truly and deeply in Love with.

Jumping back to the topic of what these three weeks were and why I didn’t post much around, well .. We traveled all across Malaysia, explored another mesmerising spot in the Philippines with all of his loving family and lost ourselves in the magical Singaporean land. It was the time we were both anxiously waiting for six long depressing months, and then me made it, being together again, best travel and life buddies.

The first week and a half was a bit of waiting for our trips to happen, but still we did some memorable and new stuff too, exploring for me a bit more of the amazing Filipino culture I now feel fully immersed in. The second weekend was spent in an amazing beach spot in south Negros known as Sipalay: a beach surrounded by mountains .. I know, I didn’t understand it either up until I’ve seen it with my eyes, and everyone should experience that because it was gorgeous. Moving on we took a flight to Singapore, a country new for both of us, where we could really start to be truly explorers for the first time together .. Here we did and explored all sort of things, and photoshoots after another we landed to the Universal Studios where we tried the thrill of not one, but two of the highest interlaced roller coasters in the world, it was crazy but fun. Then Palau Ubin, an island where we could have seen the real Singapore of the 50s and getting lost with our rented bikes on the trail paths of this island. And how to forget this, we even have been feeling rich for a night in the forbidden Marina Bay Sands infinity pool, still crazy to think that we have made it.

From Singapore we tried also for a night the less hotter yet still great city of Malaysia known as Kuala Lumpur, I’ve been back to the amazing Batu Caves where this time I could have really seen the beauty of it by getting lost with our eyes in the colourful steps and temples that they redecorated thorough these couple of years.

We had the time of our lives again, and we cannot wait to have countless more starting by the end of this year, just stick with us, is gonna be great! For now here’s a video of our recent second adventure, I hope it will make you feel a glimpse of enjoyment as much as we did.

Until next time internet,

your Lorenzo.