How everyone’s doing?

I know, it’s been a while since our last blog-chat and I would be lying if I say I was busy, I’ve been not busy at all in the past few months, let’s just say drowsy and with many thoughts in my mind.

Speaking of which, what the hell happened to this world since then?

We’ve used to get around together, not being afraid of hug each other or at the first our little cough we might come across, go outside, walk, run, create and share our own story, but now everyone seems that has the same story to share on their accounts. Wake up, cook, eat, zooming, exercise(ish), sleep, repeat. That’s what everyone’s doing, besides the heroes that are keeping us alive in hospitals, grocery stores and research centers.

We, all together rediscovered the beauty of baking, spending more quality time with our own families, partaking our creativity beyond our four-boxed home walls to break all together this awful boredom to those invisible fences that this pandemic raised. There’s a beauty behind it, underneath this awful situation darker than our past WW fights some might say: we’re living an unprecedented time, nothing as big as this happened in history and we’re learning, learning to be more decent human beings, not only with ourselves but for our beautiful planet I like to call home as well. We are learning to remove all this clutter we created with innovation in the past decades. Hopefully when all this will be history we will not forget what it means to be united, to fight and live for shared ideals such as repairing this environmental mess we made, or by having simpler meaningful lives like every one of us used to be blessed with. Soon enough all of this will be over, we’ll win the battle like we always did for everything, but we just need to hold tight and do our own little part: everybody, unified.

For one reason or another I’ve been living in the Philippines for nearly seven months and counting now with my love and his amazing family. I’ve had so many amazing unrepeatable experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world, I feel like I’m the luckiest person alive. Now I’m stuck here for who knows how long, every state in the world keeps on extending their own strict quarantines, which I don’t really mind, I do LOVE to be able to live with my better half, waking up next to him every single day is the dreamiest of dreams, but not working enhanced my depression making an awful gloomy comeback. Lorenzo is really not the kind of person capable of staying home doing unproductive chores, so I need to get back to work as soon as the situation allows, also because funds and UK permit are about to expire.

I dream of living with my partner, and we’ll get there, sadly we need to go back to long distance for a while once again and that will surely break both of our hearts, but who’s favorite story lacks following a bit of drama? I want to be able to walk with my camera laced on my arm, ready to capture whatever my eye tells me to frame, I want to hug my parents and grandparents, I want to go out and eat pizza with them again (yes, ok, I’m Italian), I want to travel, I want to have a family, I’ve so many amazing things to do before I will farewell this reality and I cannot wait to be able to start with something all over again.

Keep up and stay safe everyone in the meantime,