As usual, a new post entry after a while.
Much has changed since the last one, and I’m so super happy where I’m at right now.

Me and my husband (yes, husband! Still weird to say it), finally reached my birth country: Italy; where he finally met for the first time my lovely and supportive family!
We then decided to get married … I know right?

It was our most special and amazing day to celebrate the true love and passion we have for each other within our close family members, and later on the world through videos/photos.

Although we’re still going through rough bureaucratic patches to make him as much Italian as possible, we’re so happy to finally live this new beginning that we both desperately needed. On our path forward: rainbows and unicorns are waiting for us, and we’re so excited to meet them.

Life at 29 is weird:
self-conscious-anxiety is reaching the stars by the fact I still do not know what to do with my existence, and being closer to 30s is not helping, a call that keeps me up at night. I cannot escape it, change happens every time, but change at my age is definitely a shift of gear of this life commute.

I never thought I would live what I’m experiencing right now, I am greatly content, and that’s what does matter. Going back I would never change a thing, every mistake I’ve made shaped who I am now, and I cannot be happier.

My commitment for this year is to to keep looking at the NOW to make the FUTURE better, like it will be. I just need to be present to those wonderful memories awaiting.