A new year has already begun, leaving us the unspeakable past behind and a whole fresh one to live enjoy and experience.

My soulmate and I are still stuck here in the Philippines, living our lives like are on hold, damn ready to touch that play button back but still too far to reach, too hard to push.

That unnamable year is not ever worth to call it so, everyone’s lives were clenched by something new that scared the hell out of us all, we were so unprepared that we’re still struggling setting new rules of a new normal that we are incapable to think it at what could now become standard or ever.

I am stressed more than ever and depression is kicking me back too, leaving me unhappy when I should be the happiest person on planet Earth: living with the love of my life and having an amazing family that supports me in everything I do.

But something big is missing, huge parts of me that I forgot to take care of for a way too long time, and my soul is having enough of not doing the things I am supposed to do as a Lorenzo.

I was Lorenzo, I am Lorenzo and I will be that Lorenzo that you want me to be, but just hold on to it damn it, this is not a good time to be unhappy. Gosh that was a pretty depressing blog post, if you made it until the end I am ok, I’ll be back in a few with a more enthusiastic story,

   love you all,