Last week me and my partner with his entire family were lucky enough to get our first dose of Astrazeneca right in our neighbourhood, we felt very proud of that, though I got mixed feelings about it.

Put it in the way you want it, but we are all living in a situation of crisis known as a COVID-19 Pandemic. We stopped doing what we were doing, living the way we used to live. We changed our daily habits because of this crisis, having a huge impact on our: freedom, wealth and this planet’s environment.

Not every hope to go back to “normal” is lost though, “normal” that we almost don’t know anymore. We can still do something about it.

We need a change to move on from all this madness for sure, because I don’t know how long the whole world can handle this, how we humans can go on like this. Is not human. Is unthinkable for us millenials, born in a century where access to travel and freedom of movement (for those lucky countries) was right on our thumbs, and now is all gone.

Change has to happen, we have to do something in order to constantly improve ourselves as human beings and move on to have a better life for a better future. Sometimes not everyone thinks that the same change might be good, and that’s ok, is up to individuals to think with its minds for then act together.

So we did it, hopefully we’ll reach herd immunity the soonest, because we all need to move on from this.