I’ve had many in my quarter of century life, but the most recent happened just few days ago, when I was trying to fix a stupid kitchen knife with super glue, typical Lorenzo 🤪.

I wouldn’t call it a near-to-death experience, something more like a near-to-loose-vision experience, but definitely an event that caused a mental shock even after everything was calmed down.

Is one of those circumstances in life that when they reveal themselves they make your mind go on a crazy what-if mental contorted journey causing a stand still. That’s excactly how I reacted, I couldn’t help but fall into that vicious path. Thankfully, it all faded away with a bit of time, trying to focus my thoughts on how grateful I were to be still alive, or at least you know, have vision.

So, the lid of the tube was stuck because I didn’t clean it before closing it, and by trying to open it, the tube broke with an handful of glue spreading right on my right eye and when I noticed it was too late. I’m glad that I was wearing glasses, if I didn’t I have no idea what would have happened. Would have I still be able to open the eyelid, or to have vision? Would have I rushed to the ER? If that so how much would have been the expense here in the Philippines ..

Thankfully none of that happened, I’m still happily alive and able to see on both eyes, but next time I will surely throw that tube away 😆.

What about you, have you ever had any near-to-death experiences, if so feel free to share it in the comments below.

Until next time,

your blogger,