Today I am very glad to present you my restyled website, rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and better looking than ever.

I decided to make the switch from an uncomfortable server-lagged cms based hosting (not to say any names, but Tumblr), to static pages hosted from my GitHub repostory and powered by Hugo with a custom version of the PaperMod theme.

Static pages means speed! And, oh boy if that is F A S T !

It means that I don’t need to rely on a server requesting queries from a database to build an html page on the fly every time a user requests for it, that page has already been built for everyone prior the pushed updates, and ready to be downloaded to your screen.

The only hassle is for the developer, those static pages thingy is a nerdy process to manage, but worth it for who views the content. The cms (call it how you want it) is in your computer terminal instead of it being online, so you cannot easily switch machine to update your website, you need to do one or more steps before having that, and also is not that possible uploading an article with the iPhone.

So, my protocol with updates will be:

  1. I can start writing articles on a markdown app like Znote or iA Writer on any of my devices,
  2. later or, when ready for submission, I can easily write three terminal commands on my main workstation to upload those written pages.

There are two more steps on the way, but I don’t mind since I gained: the simplicity of writing posts using markdown instead of HTML, and the huge speed-boost switching from a database powered hosting to just files based hosting.

I cannot wait to get started on this new journey of mine, and you to be part of. I feel I am more content with my website now than I ever been, and that makes me so inspired by new ideas to put into words with my mighty MacBook keyboard.

Write you all soon,