Hey there,

it’s been a long while since the last time I wrote something on my blog, and lots of things have happened since. Life has gotten real, the dog days I used to rely on are defenitely over, and I am happier than ever.

On this long twentynine years journey I had called life, I’ve been experimenting in search for some kind of purpose that I might have, spoiler alert: still looking. I remember that time I have lived in London for two years, it was pure experimentation: my first real job, first moving out, hands on a first real test of what adulthood looks and feel. I recall loving it. Indipendence is an undescribable feeling, it makes you a human with superpowers, everything could go disastrously wrong or incredibly well. On that adventure I learned a lot, and I certainly miss some aspects of it, most of all the people I met in that beatiful and hectic metropolis.

But things don’t last forever, change is part of our existence, it is scary yet a reality we have to face. On that journey I had, I made an unconsious desicion of following an unknown path, the path of Love. I promised to myself to not be on a LDR (Long Distance Relationship) anymore, so I moved to the Philippines, to bring Love home. A series of things then happened, bad occoruances that made me had to stay in the city of smiles a little longer than expected, but that made me even better. It shaped my existence into something I never thought I could reach.

Fast forward to 2021, I got married. I feel the luckiest man in the universe, is truly unrepresentable as a feeling, is when your mind goes: that’s it, I’ve made it! Months and tons of burocracy later, me and my husband moved to Ireland. We booked that flight without a job or even a place to stay (and that was so streessful). We luckly got a house just a week prior after months and months of looking, I never though it was that of a mission to find a house, room or pretty much anything in this island. But at the end thank God we found it. And that was the beginning of what I thought could never in my dreams happen. As soon as we got here, I was about to accept a mediocre job again, as we needed an income as soon as possible. I have to thank my husband for not taking those jobs, I could never repay him for that, it’s been the best desicion I ever made in a long time, the one to keep the FAITH and BELIEF on getting hired in a company that I truly love.

The day came, when they interviewed me, I still couldn’t stop thinking to punch myself to check if I was sleeping. I was not. Dreams, yes, dreams do really come true. You just need a little bit of luck by a lovely leprechaun and lots of belief. It’s a great combo that will make you the happiest you haver been. Right place, right time: I can’t wait where this route will bring me. Right now I am crunked to keep traveling on this CLOUD-NINE path.