I love music, I always did.
I’m a terrible singer but what I love is the positivity that a playlist can bring in your daily life.

My go-to app for listening, browsing and creating playlists is Apple Music (feel free to follow me over there). Is an app that has never been perfect but it is my favorite.
And since is not a perfect app, it has some big misses that are standalone to the competition, such as: sorting, less bugs or simply a better social side.

With this shortcut I didn’t fix any of that, what I wanted to do was to simplify the chaos of opening the app and search for a curator every single time, Apple: why cannot I add curators in my library like I add albums or songs?
But anyways, this Mac and iOS shortcut that I developed it’s pretty straight forward: does just that.
What I do is keep it in my home screen for quickly acces whenever I need it.

To download it follow this link.

Here’s the lists of my favorite curators I’ve found so far, but if you have some better ones feel free to let me know in the telegram comments down below, and I might add it to the shortcut!